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Coronavirus Timelapse Jan to Jan 2021

The Story so far...

Covid-19 is the most serious public health crisis facing the world today. There are now more than 230 million cases and 4.7 million deaths worldwide. With no signs of abating, there are new Coronavirus epicentres still emerging in hot spots around the world.

In spite of the recent vaccine rollouts, there is vaccine hesitancy and a mutating virus presents further challenges. Repurposed drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir have been met with limited success. Convalescent plasma therapy has inconclusive evidence to support wide adoption.

Polling data shows that at least 30% of the worlds population either will not or cannot take the vaccines. We cannot pretend that at least 3 billion people simply do not exist.  Covimro is designed to bridge that gap. These are our customers.

So against this backdrop, our team decided to investigate alternative ways of fighting the virus. Promising pilot data shows that Covimro is capable of disrupting the viral membrane and dislodging the S Spike Proteins upon contact. A virus that is structurally degraded loses infectivity quickly. This is significant as it paves the way towards creating prophylactic treatment models that may help reduce the viral load. This can give the immune system a helping hand so it stands a better chance of fighting the virus, which may result in improved patient outcomes.

"32% of the French public would not get a vaccine for Covid-19 even if it became available" -YouGov, July 2020

"Only 53% of Britons would be certain or very likely to get vaccinated against COVID-19" -King's College London (KCL) / Ipsos Mori Poll, August 2020

"35% of Americans would not get an FDA approved vaccine even if one were available today and at no cost" - Gallup's COVID-19 tracking survey, July 2020

The Science behind Covimro

Covimro has a virus agnostic, 3 stage design architecture that addresses the full lifecycle of the virus. It is designed to structurally degrade the virus upon contact, prevent it from attaching to the cell, and reduce its ability to multiply once it gets inside the cell. Being virus agnostic bring two key advantages; immunity against antigenic drift and immunity against the even more serious antigenic shift. In a pandemic situation these 2 facets are of critical importance to keep up with a mutating virus.

Covimro 1 

Covimro 1 has Virucidal MOA via the chemistry of lipid polymorhphism. It targets and mechanically degrades the virus sphere.

Covimro 2 

Covimro 2 has Antiviral MOA. Its molecules coat the S-Spike protein inhibiting early fusion and cleaving events.

Covimro 3 

Covimro 3 has Anti proliferative MOA by targeting and inhibiting viral enzyme 3CL. New models borrowed from cancer research and RNA genetics are being investigated for a potential 2nd complementary MOA to suppress viral replication within the cell.

Cryo EM

The use of electron microscopy complements the Covimro In Vitro cell culture studies. Cryo-EM in particular offers a great advantage in that it provides high magnification allowing for the virus to be viewed and studied closely.

Furthermore, it offers a significant benefit in that through the direct acquisition of images the virus can be statistically analysed, allowing for the reconstruction of the structural information.

Covimro Scientific Studies

The Covimro architecture has the potential to be commercialised into candidate product pipelines across 3 industries; Consumer, OTC, and Pharmaceuticals. We are developing study plans together with our university partnerships and the private sector to further extend our scientific lead.

Planned experiments include EM control studies, cell culture studies, EC50/CC50 studies, and AI/mathematical modeling.

This pandemic has taught us that there is no panacea, no single cure for the coronavirus. To combat it effectively requires a multi-pronged approach from wearing masks in public, hand washing, social distancing, testing, and contact tracing. Covimro can be viewed as one more tool, a preventative solution that can further enhance personal protection against infection.


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