Covimro Seed Investment Round

We are currently in a Seed Investment funding round. Target raise is £2.5m with capacity to be oversubscribed to £5m. This section contains all the key information curated in short form that investors may find useful.

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Short Summary

Biotech startup with a highly differentiated antiviral solution – inactivates any enveloped virus with zero side effects; Preclinical data shows >90% efficacy against Coronavirus, HIV & Influenza; US Patent Pending; MVP ready; £100k raised; SEIS & EIS approved.




Investment Raised
Previous Rounds £100,000
Stage MVP/Finished Product
Investor Role Any


    • EIS / SEIS advanced assurance approved offering tax relief to UK Investors
    • Preclinical data shows >90% efficacy against Coronavirus, HIV and Influenza
    • US Patent Pending; 4 further patents to be filed in 2021; £715k+ raised
    • Former World Health Organisation Executive Board Member on Advisory Board
    • In discussions with US Army USUHS research facility for collaboration
    • Efforts underway to launch Covimro in Africa, starting with Gambia

The Business

The number of potentially devastating respiratory viruses has been increasing in frequency (SARS, MERS, Bird-flu, COVID-19). It is evident that there is a crucial need for new interventions to both prevent and treat viral infection as and when it occurs

The Challenge

1) New emerging Covid strains are putting pressure on vaccines to remain effective and threatening global recovery.
2) There is global inequality of vaccine distribution – Africa has very limited supplies.

The Opportunity

1) Covimro works with any enveloped virus not just Coronavirus.
2) Effective regardless of mutations or strains, making it future proof.
3) The virus agnostic feature creates new opportunities beyond Covid

Covimro™ guarantees both Efficacy AND Safety.

The Market

Covimro™ is future proofed against new strains making it the most viable alternative for 30% of the global population (2 billion + people) that do not have access to vaccines.

“I have a strong belief that Covimro products, whilst not an alternative to the vaccine, will be invaluable in helping to close the gap in the fight to control the pandemic…”Omar Sey, former Health Minister of Gambia, and former Executive Board Member of World Health Organisation.

Brand Positioning Statement
“For those who do not have access to vaccines, Covimro™ offers relief with its unique ability to knock out any virus with zero side effects.”

The 3 main product categories
Consumer Goods
Drug Candidates

Serviceable Obtainable Market
The SOM where all Covimro products can compete in is estimated at $3.9bn.

Progress/ Proof

3 successful landmark scientific study results with press releases below.

September 2020: Leeds University Coronavirus EM Study.

Results show Covimro disintegrating Coronavirus within minutes of contact.

“Our current pilot studies have suggested changes in virus integrity in the presence of Covimro with degradation of the viral spikes. This is significant as the infectivity of the virus will be lost if we can degrade the spike structure”Dr Stephen Muench, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds.

See Press Release:

March 2021: Oxford University HIV/Lentivirus In Vitro Study.

Results show a 3-log reduction in viral titre at all concentrations tested.

“The results show a 3-log reduction in viral titre at all concentrations tested. This preliminary data warrants further investigation in to the Covimro effect,” – Dr. Senthil Chinnakannan, Molecular Virologist, University of Oxford.

See Press Release:

July 2021: AI-R Clinical Research & Pharmidex. In Vivo Animal Model Study assessing Covimro against Influenza.

Results show 65% reduction in lung viral load.

“In a pre-clinical model of influenza infection bearing many hallmarks of seasonal flu mediated clinical disease, daily oral Covimro treatment was shown to significantly reduce virus replication (42% vs vehicle control) and protection against associated weight loss (65% vs vehicle control),” Dr Ross Walton, Respiratory Immunologist, A-IR Clinical Research Ltd.

See Press Release:

MVP Syrup product, production ready in months. Africa distribution and US Army USUHS collaboration being discussed presently. Growing patent portfolio.


The Team

Ideas are great, but execution is what really matters. Covimro Ltd has assembled an A list Management Team supported by a strong and experienced Advisory Board. Both are committed to deliver exceptional outcomes outcomes around the company’s vision to create sustainable competitive advantage. Click on the images below for team member bios.

Management Team

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Objectives/ Future

The company has a clear vision to become the global leader in viral prophylaxis, by developing a suite of products that prevent viral infection at multiple levels.

Covimro™ products are superior and cheaper than our competitors which gives us both competitive advantage as well as prime mover advantage.

This will help create a scalable business over the next 3 to 5 years. Increasing cashflows year on year can be convincingly projected into future growth.

5 Year Objectives:

2021: Product launch and distribution.
2022: Series A funding and industry partnerships to achieve scale.
2023: Phase 1/2 Clinical Trials and scalable growth.
2024: Develop drug pipeline candidates to acquisition readiness
2025: IPO or Strategic Acquisition

The Deal

We have previously raised £100k pre seed investment from our lead investor Dr Kyle Hoedebecke and are now looking to raise £2.5m in seed investment. The minimum ticket size per investor is £25k. In the event we are oversubscribed, up to £5m investment may be secured.

The strong results of the July 2021 In Vivo animal model studies is reflected in the pre-money valuation of £25m. The valuation is at the lower end of the scale as detailed in the Valuation Report below. It has been independently assessed using Qualitative Methods, VC Method and DCF Methods.

We are planning for a Series A biotech VC investment next year, which represents an early exit opportunity for Angel Investors.

We have secured both EIS and SEIS advanced assurance offering tax relief for UK investors. Use of funds is detailed in the Use of Funds Spreadsheet. Active investor participation is welcomed.

If you require any further details, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions or queries.