Novel Antiviral Compound Covimro Demonstrates In Vivo Efficacy Against Influenza Infection

LONDON, July 15, 2021  – In September 2020 biotech start-up COVIMRO™ Ltd demonstrated the effectiveness of its food-grade compound, Covimro against Coronavirus in a landmark EM study at Leeds University.

In March 2021, Covimro was tested at Oxford University for antiviral efficacy against Lentivirus / HIV with a Luciferase Assay, the results of which showed a 3-log reduction in viral titre at all concentrations tested.

Now for the first time, Covimro has been tested In Vivo, in an animal model study, carried out by A-IR Clinical Research Ltd in partnership with Pharmidex Pharmaceutical Services Ltd. The study assessed the antiviral capacity of Covimro in a murine model of Influenza A H3N2 infection.

Influenza infection in mice treated with vehicle generated a phenotype of virus induced disease consistent with seasonal, non-lethal clinical disease seen in humans. In this model, influenza infection led to a significant cellular infiltration to the airways, predominated by neutrophilia and lymphocytosis, which was associated with robust viral replication in the lungs and the manifestation of comprehensive weight loss.

The Covimro treatment gave strong trends for a reduction of total infiltrating bronchoalveolar lavage cells, consistent with a reduction of airways inflammation, significantly reducing virus replication in the lungs and significantly protecting from the clinical manifestation of weight loss.

“In a pre-clinical model of influenza infection bearing many hallmarks of seasonal flu mediated clinical disease, daily oral Covimro treatment was shown to significantly reduce virus replication (42% vs vehicle control) and protection against associated weight loss (65% vs vehicle control),” said Dr Ross Walton, Respiratory Immunologist, A-IR Clinical Research Ltd.

This translational research corroborates the findings of the two previous In Vitro studies with consistent positive results and paves the way to future Phase 1 human clinical trials.

“The desire to create solutions that can knock out any enveloped virus with zero to minimal side effects is the driving force behind Covimro. The required hallmark for any therapeutic or drug, is indeed safety and efficacy. Covimro delivers both with unparalleled results, placing us at the forefront of exploring what this exciting new technology can offer,” said James Lindberg, COVIMRO™ Ltd, Founder and CEO.


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